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Discreet Investigations in the Charlotte Area

Private Investigators at Carolina Surveillance & Investigations are available 24/7 to meet with clients. Whether you need a divorce investigation, child custody investigation or a background check, contact us to discuss your case. We offer affordable rates and there is no job too large or too small for our experienced team of investigators.

Adultery Investigations
If you are married or in a relationship where infidelity and adultery is suspected, do not hesitate…Call us today!

If your divorce is probable please do not waste valuable time. The court will require sufficient physical and testimonial evidence to validate your case to include photographs, video, computer forensics, phone numbers, cell records, names, addresses, assets, witnesses and other valuable information.  Ascertain this evidence before it is too late. CSI employs advanced investigations techniques and surreptitious surveillance methods to develop the evidence of infidelity.  We attempt to identify the lover/paramour and if possible provide photographs and details of the affair. We attempt to identify if the significant other is single, married, divorced or living a second life with your spouse. Could they have a secret apartment where they meet during the day?  Are there hidden assets, property, bank accounts or credit cards? We can reverse cell numbers, emails, addresses, and obtain hidden bank accounts and other possible traces left by your spouse to validate the affair. We will coordinate with your legal counsel and develop evidence and information relative to support your case providing leverage in the litigation process. Additionally if there is no evidence of infidelity, you will have satisfaction and peace of mind and only you will ever know there was an investigation.

Throughout our many years of investigative service we have noted several Indicators of potential adultery and infidelity such as; Extremely secretive or evasive when questioned, abrupt changes in communication habits (more/less arguing/dismissive), unplanned absences alleged to work, more concerned about their appearance, men wanting to take ED medication, women wanting plastic surgery, lessor more interested in sex, abnormal sexual request and one of the main ones the suspicious phone habits (unusual texting, hiding the phone or changing the pin).

Child Custody Investigations

During the divorce proceeding, child custody becomes a primary concern for both parents, however it is unfortunate that children are often used as a bargaining tool for monetary gain or other reasons. Once the custody and visitation agreements are in place, sometimes the childs priority may take second place. Do you suspect your child needs are not being met or they are neglected or endangered. We coordinate and work with your attorney in protecting your child and your custodial rights. We help obtain the truth, obtaining facts and evidence the legal system requires to modify a child custody order. Some questions to consider are the following; Who is the new person in your your ex's life, are they cohabitating while your child is present, is criminal activity taking place or use of alcohol or drugs your child's presence, do you suspect your child is neglected, abandoned or possibly abused?  These investigation are sensitive and often require immediate investigative and surveillance activity.

Prenuptial Investigations

Often mothers, fathers and grandparents employ CSI to investigate the bride/groom to be. Who is this person your loved one is marrying? This is especially true in families of wealth. We investigate their background, behavior and conduct surreptitious surveillance during the pre-marriage festivities (bachelor/bachelorette party). We attempt to ascertain if they are communicating with their ex prior to the marriage? We have even provided “decoys” with interesting results. 

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Vehicle Tracking Services

We utilize modern GPS tracking services which monitor vehicle activity 24 hours a day for months at a time. This is an affordable alternative to direct human surveillance investigations. Our GPS are compact and secretly hidden on the subject’s vehicle undercarriage. They have long life batteries which when employed offer unlimited vehicle reporting. Printout of the subject's vehicle activity is provided along with the service.

Telephone Tracing

We have the capacity to identify unknown and unlisted phone numbers furnishing the phone subscribers name and address. These rates are affordable and can often identify if the suspect number is a possible threat or just an acquaintance or co-worker.

Polygraph Exams

Our investigative associates are licensed by  

Polygraph exams are another valuable investigative tool in discerning deception and lies.  Our polygraphers have tested for infidelity, child endangerment, suspect child neglect/abuse and other issues such as suspected alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

Business Services

In addition to conducting background checks for potential employees, we provide other services. Our team conducts threat assessment investigations, counter espionage, and employee theft investigations.

Kidnapping & Personal Investigations 

By definition, kidnapping is the unlawful taking away or transportation of a person against that person's will, usually to hold the person for ransom, in furtherance of another crime, or in connection with a child custody dispute. When it comes to missing person investigations, keep in mind that time is of the essence. Trust our highly specialized male and female undercover agents to handle your assignment in a timely, cost-effective manner to get your loved one home safely. We also conduct investigations for other personal matters including background and asset checks and sexual harassment cases.