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Frequently Asked Questions

Request: How much will it cost? While every investigation is different, so to are the costs.

Hiring a private investigator is not cheap. We understand your financial concerns and limits and therefore offer affordable rates to accommodate your specific needs. We offer both hourly (short term) and retainer (long term) pricing investigative services. Please contact us today to discuss which product is best for your financial situation.

Do I Need a Private Investigator?
If you are reading this, make the call for a free consultation!

If you are currently involved in a possible infidelity situation, having conflicting emotions regarding your spouse’s or truthfulness or going through a child custody battle where you must know the welfare of your child is not being neglected or endangered, then call us today.  Go with your gut. Trust your instincts. Many times clients have later contacted us having wished they acted instead of wasted valuable time feeling guilty for even considering hiring our services.

Yes, hiring a private investigator can be very difficult and conflicting because you may feel you are betraying your spouse or others, but living with continued fear and doubt about their truthfulness is clearly worse. I am sure you have specific questions the investigative process, the cost involved and the benefits hiring a private investigator can provide. Those are understandable concerns and when you call me I will evaluate your case and provide an honest and compassionate answer as to whether our services can assist you.  I offer a free one hour initial consultation with each new client during which we review the below “red flags,” "indicators" and "suspicions" that may present in your circumstances. Be assured all information discussed is held in the strictest confidence.

Is My Spouse Cheating?
Tragically the answer might be yes!

If you have a “gut feeling, strong suspicion or women’s intuition” that your spouse is unfaithful, you may be right. Statistics show that 70 percent of married women and 54 percent of married men do not know about their spouses' infidelity. Wives who suspected that their husbands were cheating were correct 85 percent of the time, while husbands who suspected the same were right 50 percent of the time. If you think your spouse is cheating on you, act now to protect your best interests before it's too late.

Can I Conduct My Own Investigation?
No or you could blow your only opportunity to find the truth!

Be warned that should you or a friend attempt to investigate your spouse possible cheating or child’s welfare you stand a very good chance of blowing it and ruining the first strike opportunity.  When someone knows they are suspected or under investigation they will change their behavior, patterns and you have to start all over building the facts.  As soon as you suspect infidelity or child welfare issues, please call CSI first for a free consultation.  It is imperative you retain a trusted private investigator that specializes in domestic, adultery and child custody investigations to develop evidence needed to substantiate your case.  Additionally most domestic court judges will dismiss any evidence that is provided by you, a friend or someone related to you as they are biased toward your outcome.  Private investigators report only the truth and factually found evidence to the court which judges consider when ruling on a case.

When Should I Consider a Polygraph Exam?

Tests are used in infidelity, child endangerment, and substance abuse cases. An exam is only as good as its examiner. Whether the person tested passes or fails, you have at least one piece of evidence you can use to begin making decisions about your future. There are multiple scenarios where an exam should be considered, including:

• Unusual Secret Phone Calls or Texting, Changing Passwords, Hiding Phones, Or Ending Calls Abruptly
• Affixed On Social Media and Reconnecting With Former Boyfriends Or Girlfriends
• Unable To Be Reached at Work Or On Business Trips
• Unusual After-Work Delays
• Previous Cases Of Infidelity Along With a Gut-Feeling Something Still Isn't Right
• Financial and Computer Evidence Of Porn Or Alcohol Addiction